TIGERTAILZ Parts Ways With Singer, Seeks Replacement

Welsh rockers TIGERTAILZ have parted ways with singer Kim Hooker.

The band’s remaining original members, Jay Pepper and Ace Finchum, have released the following statement on the matter:

“[We are] relieved, to be honest. We’re obviously disappointed that Kim‘s gone, but things have deteriorated to such a point that the band looked like it would never play or record again. So something had to give. And we’d just reached a point where we couldn’t agree on anything anymore — and one of the biggest issues being Sarah‘s [Firebrand, bass] departure. Since then, things have just gone from bad to worse and we’ve all had enough, so time to move on.

“But this isn’t life or death.. This is just a band trying to have some fun making music and playing some great live shows.

“So if anyone out there thinks they have the right credentials to be the new TIGERTAILZ frontman, then we’d love to hear from you.

“Please send your info to management@tigertailz.co.uk.

“Let’s hope this isn’t the end of the ‘TAILZ journey and we see you all soon. Keep the faith.”

TIGERTAILZ last year announced the return of drummer Ace Finchum to the band. The addition of Ace, who last played with TIGERTAILZ in the early 1990s, reunited all surviving members of the group’s “classic” lineup.

Shooting to fame in 1990 on the back of big-selling second album “Bezerk” and a string of hit singles, magazine covers and videos, the band won all the plaudits going for their bombastic, lion-hearted rock anthems — songs that are still played and loved all over the world today.

Getting back together in 2005, they were struck by tragedy when bassist and co-founder Pepsi Tate died from cancer in 2007. Fighting back with the usual ‘TAILZ spirit, the band regrouped with bass player Sarah Firebrand and drummer Robin Guy in 2010, and headlined the opening night of the U.K.’s Hard Rock Hell, a performance that sold out months in advance.

TIGERTAILZ released a new live album, “Bezerk Live – Burnin’ Fuel”, in January 2011 via TT/Cargo Records.