“Hollow’s Gathering” features guest appearances by Tim “Ripper” Owens (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH), Blaze Bayley (WOLFSBANE, IRON MAIDEN), Michael Vescera (OBSESSION, LOUDNESS, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), Amanda Sommerville (TRILLIUM, AVANTASIA), Markus Grosskopf (HELLOWEEN) and many others. The album was mixed by Matt Smith (THEOCRACY) and mastered by Miro at the Gate studio (AVANTASIA, KAMELOT, RHAPSODY) in Wolfsburg, Germany. The artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco (BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, ICED EARTH).

SOULSPELL was conceived by drummer Heleno Vale. Many vocalists play different characters in a story concerning the conflicts among human emotions. These characters face situations of internal conflict as they are requested for making decisions which, without their knowledge, affect and change the course of the present, future, and even past of all the other characters.

The SOULSPELL story intends to make us wonder how a fifteen-year-old boy, a powerful evil dragon, or even a simple humble lumberjack, by simply living and believing, can interfere in the lives of all in every possible dimension.

Check out an album teaser below.

“Hollow’s Gathering” track listing:

01. Hollow’s Gathering
02. A Rescue Into The Storm
03. To Crawl Or To Fly
04. Anymore
05. Adrian’s Call
06. Change The Tide
07. From Hell
08. The Keeper’s Game
09. The Dead Tree
10. Whispers Inside You




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