TIM ‘RIPPER’ OWENS Says He Was ‘Shocked’ To Learn Of VIVIAN CAMPBELL’s New DIO Tribute Band

On October 26, “Tales From The Stage Volume 1” author Michael Toney (web site) conducted an interview with acclaimed vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens (DIO DISCIPLES, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, BEYOND FEAR, JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH). You can now watch the chat below.



On the recently formed DIO tribute band featuring former DIO and current DEF LEPPARD guitarist Vivian Campbell and fellow original DIO members Vinny Appice (drums), Jimmy Bain (bass) and Claude Schnell (keyboards) along with singer Andrew Freeman:

Owens: “I’m a bit shocked. But I could care less what [Vivian] does. I wish he would have probably done something, I guess, or had good things to say about Ronnie when Ronnie was alive. So it is shocking. It’s shocking also that… I’m friends also with Vinny as well, but Vinny pretty much knocked [DIO DISCIPLES] for doing [the same thing]. [Editor’s note: During an April 2011 appearance on the “All Hail Hair” show on Fightin’ Words Radio, Vinny Appice was asked what he thought of DIO DISCIPLES going out on the road and paying tribute to Ronnie James Dio. “I think it’s disgusting,” he said. “I mean, why are they even doing it? Plus, [Ronnie has] not even been passed away for a year. And, you know… It’s kind of… I don’t know. It’s kind of weird, man. It’s weird.”] And from the looks of it, we’re definitely doing it for the right reason and we’re celebrating Ronnie‘s legacy. And I think they are as well. It’s shocking, but I’m glad, to be honest. You can’t do too much of this for Ronnie. I just worry about, and focus on, DIO DISCIPLES, really.”

On his current status with Yngwie Malmsteen:

Owens: “I’ve kind of just gotten so busy doing solo work. I mean, I just [did a tour of] 25 shows in Europe and I came right from that and did this [the DIO DISCIPLES U.S. tour], and I’m off to South America, doing 15 shows right from this. You know, I had a choice this summer of [doing] a couple of shows [with Yngwie which conflicted with DIO DISCIPLES‘ schedule], and I picked DIO DISCIPLES. I had to pick something and I start doing something, I’ve had to say ‘no’ to a lot of Yngwie stuff, because I’m just busy. We’ve [Yngwie and I] had a great relationship, but I just don’t see how I could fit it in anymore. But us two, I really enjoyed being with him. He’s a funny, funny guy to be with. We’d laugh and laugh. And he had nothing but good things to say about me, and other people, really. He never talked bad about anybody.”