TO/DIE/FOR To Release New Album Next Month

Finnish gothic metallers TO/DIE/FOR will release their sixth album, “Samsara”, on December 14. In the U.S. and Canada, the CD will be made avaialble on January 17, and in Mexico on January 19, 2012.

“Samsara” track listing:

01. Kissing The Flames (4:49)
02. Damned Rapture (5:12)
03. Cry For Love (IGGY POP cover) (4:21)
04. Death Comes in March (3:13)
05. Folie á Deux (7:11)
06. Hail Of Bullets (4:25)
07. Love’s A Sickness (5:54)
08. Raving Hearts (3:48)
09. Oblivion: Vision (6:13)
10. Someday Somewhere Somehow (6:38)

Regarding the musical direction of the new material, vocalist Jape Perätalo previously stated, “[The next TO/DIE/FOR CD] is gonna be much darker compared to [2006’s] ‘Wounds Wide Open’, but it will include some rocking ones, too.”

He added, “We are not trying to create anything very ‘technically nice’ and very ‘new’… We just record whatever the fuck we want to . . . We’re gonna keep things simple but one thing is important for us… it must have real soul in it!”

TO/DIE/FOR‘s current lineup is as follows:

Jape Perätalo – Vocals
Juppe Sutela – Guitar
Antza Talala – Guitar
Eza Viren – Bass
Juska Salminen – Keyboards
Santtu Lonka – Drums

TO/DIE/FOR released a “best-of” collection, “Epilogue From The Past – Best Of”, on January 27 via Spinefarm Records. Included on the set was the brand new song, “Angelica”, which is slated to appear on the group’s next studio album.

In December 2009, TO/DIE/FOR uploaded a demo version of a new song, “Unknown III”, to the band’s MySpace page. The track was one of four cuts — alongside “Angelica”, “My Hysteria” and “Sad” (working title) — which were being used to try and procure new management and a record deal.

TO/DIE/FOR‘s fifth album, “Wounds Wide Open”, was released in Finland in October 2006. The follow-up to 2005’s “IV” was recorded by Samu Oittinen at Fantom Studios and by Jari-Jukka Nippala at Sonic Image, and was mixed at Sweden’s Abyss Studios by Peter Tägtgren (DIMMU BORGIR, CELTIC FROST).





Photo credit: Karen Fader McBride


(Thanks: Fireangel / Night Elves)