TOKYO BLADE Singer To Release Debut Album From NICK HELLFORT Project

Because of his commitments to TOKYO BLADE since July 2010, vocalist Nicolaj Ruhnow was forced to push all activities regarding to his solo project called NICK HELLFORT aside, which resuted in the postponement in the release of his almost-finished debut, “The Mask Within”. This turned out being a wise decision, as Nicolaj went through a number of new experiences with his bandmates and friends in TOKYO BLADE on the road, which led him to re-record many of the vocals tracks on the CD — “to give ‘The Mask Within’ a way wider range, musically and emotionally,” he says in a press release.

“The Mask Within” will be released on March 1 via Sonic Revolution/Fastball Music.

A completely new lineup will be announced very soon and rehearsals for upcoming live shows in March and April 2013 are in full swing.

Says Nicolaj: “Thanks to the stunning help from producer Arne Lakenmacher (High Gain Recording Studios) and fantastic multi-instrumentalist Lady Catman(ex-DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER), who helped me realizing ‘The Mask Within’.”

“The Mask Within” track listing:

01. Temple Of Kings
02. Fame Is Just A Whore
03. Stepwise Silently
04. The Arrival
05. Perception
06. For All Time
07. Lifeline
08. The Antichrist Wore Black
09. Journey Throu’ A Cup Of Tea

Bonus tracks:

10. Crusaders (demo 2007)
11. The Messenger (demo 2007)