TOM MORELLO: New Video Interview, Acoustic-Performance Footage

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE guitarist Tom Morello and Carl Restivo joined St Pauls Lifestyle’s “Overground Sound” blog while they were in the U.K. touring with RISE AGAINST for an exclusive and live acoustic session and interview, supporting the worldwide “Occupy” movement. Check out the footage below.

MTV recently announced that its O Music Awards will honor Morello with an award created specifically in response to the “music spontaneity, artistry, and virility of the Occupy Wall Street performances.”

Morello won the award for his performance as his alter ego THE NIGHTWATCHMAN at the Occupy Wall Street demonstration on October 13 in New York at Liberty Plaza/Zuccotti Park. He has since performed in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver.

“Music is a crucial component of every successful progressive struggle,” Morello said. “In order to be successful you need a good soundtrack.”

Morello‘s third folk-oriented album under the THE NIGHTWATCHMAN name, “World Wide Rebel Songs”, came out this past summer via New West Records.


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