TONY IOMMI Says BLACK SABBATH Was Approached About Having Its Own Musical

Legendary BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi revealed to VH1 Classic Rock Nights that SABBATH was appraoched years ago with the idea of using the band’s catalog to create a musical. It is a concept that has proven to be quite successful in recent years, with QUEEN‘s “We Will Rock You” and ABBA‘s “Mamma Mia”being two of the most notable examples.

“I remember years ago when we were approached to do a BLACK SABBATH [musical], like ‘We Will Rock You’, many years ago,” Iommi said. “The chap who’d done THE WHO, I forgot his name now, who’d done ‘Tommy’, the producer, he wanted to do something with us many years ago. We never did, because we thought, ‘Oh, that’s a weird idea.’ Of course now, he was way ahead of his time.”

So would the guys ever agree to it today? “Well, I don’t know,” Tony said. “Maybe. We might be jumping on the bandwagon then at that point.”

Iommi‘s memoir, “Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven And Hell With Black Sabbath”, was released in the United States on November 1 in hardback by Perseus Books/DeCapo Press.