TONY IOMMI Interviewed On BBC 6 MUSIC’s ‘Cerys On 6’ (Audio)

Legendary BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi was interviewed on this past Sunday’s (October 23) edition of the the “Cerys On 6” radio show on U.K.’s BBC 6 Music. You can now stream the entire program at this location. (Note: The Iommi interview begins around the one-hour, four-minut emark.)

Iommi last week confirmed to U.K. magazine Terrorizer that the original lineup of BLACK SABBATH recently got together to rehearse for the first time in years, saying, “We played some of the old stuff and to be together again was great. We’re all on good terms and we’re at a stage where we can play together again. It would be good if we could and I suppose it’s the closest it’s been to be able to do that. It could happen!”

Iommi later told a British online radio station that the possible reunion is still not official, explaining, “At the moment we’re in talks (about) it. But what’s gonna happen with it, I don’t know. There’s no definite decision on anything at the moment, but at least . . . we’re all talking to each other. We’ve met up, had a (rehearsal) and it was great. But you never like to say — we haven’t announced anything yet, because nothing’s definite.”

The first reports of SABBATH possibly reuniting for a new tour and album surfaced this past summer when Iommi hinted at it in a British newspaper.

Singer Ozzy Osbourne told earlier in the month that the reunion was a “very, very strong possibility,” adding, “If it works out, it’ll work out. If it doesn’t, I’ll keep doing my thing.”

SABBATH has been a massive influence on every heavy metal and hard rock band that has come along in the 41 years since the group made its debut. Osbourne told The Pulse Of Radio that the band had no idea at the time it was launching a new genre of music. “I mean, when you’re in the eye of the storm, you never know what’s really going on, you know,” he said. “So it’s like, we didn’t go, ‘I know, let’s just all of us sit down and make this stuff called heavy metal.’ It just happened, and up the road, I mean, when I started doing the Ozzfest and kids would come up to me and go, ‘You know, Ozz, you guys in SABBATH were the reason why we wanted to play,’ that’s a big bonus.”

SABBATH did try to record a new album 12 years ago, the original lineup’s first since 1978, but abandoned the attempt after just a couple of songs.

The original lineup has not toured together since summer 2005 and last appeared together when they were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2006.