TORTURE KILLER Putting Finishing Touches On New EP

Finnish death metallers TORTURE KILLER are putting the finishing touches on a new three-song EP entitled “I Chose Death”. The effort will mark the recording debut of the group’s new singer, Pessi Haltsonen (RETALIATORY MEASURES), who is described by his new bandmates as “a perfect fit” and “a human powerhouse.”

“I Chose Death” will include a cover version of an old DEMIGOD song from the “Unholy Domain” demo and will feature artwork by Mark Riddick.

TORTURE KILLER‘s third album, “Sewers” came out in 2009 via Dynamic Arts Records.

The band’s sophomore CD, “Swarm!”, was released by Metal Blade Records and featured legendary death metal vocalist Chris Barnes from CANNIBAL CORPSE and SIX FEET UNDER.

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