TORTURE SQUAD Working On Concept Album About Brazilian Military Dictatorship

Brazilian metallers TORTURE SQUAD have announced that their next release will be a concept album about the period when Brazil was under a military dictatorship that lasted for over 21 years, from 1964 to 1985.

Commented TORTURE SQUAD drummer Amilcar Christófaro: “Something was telling me that our next album should talk about a strong issue, therefore we then started to think soon enough it came to my mind the Brazilian military dictatorship.

“I had just a superficial knowledge about the whole dimension of the subject, and we believe that most of the Brazilians also do. It was a time in which Brazil was governed by the military after a coup in 1964 the regime enforced strict censorship and limited the freedom, while opposition faced torture and exile. I personally started to realize that the subject is still very present. Our current president Ms. Dilma Rousseff, is a living vitness of that time, she was amongst those who endure torture and humiliation. Ironically, what goes around comes around, and nowadays, she is the head of state of the country and over those that, one day, tortured her.

“Of course, we won’t be able to tell the history of 21 years in just one album, but the idea is to try to make those who take interest in reading the lyrics to understand a little bit about what happened during this period. We are talking about the American influence on the coup d’etat, in 1964, the institutional acts, the formation of the armed guerrillas, methods of torture, missing persons, mentioning Mariguella, the Araguaia guerrilla and more.

“In the band, André [Evaristo, guitar/vocals] was the one who knew the most about the subject, so all of us started to study and talk about it, also researching on the Internet, reading books and talking, personally, to historian Alexandre Rossi Carneiro and to Roniwalter Jatobá, a Brazilian journalist and writer who wrote several books on the subject and lived in the military dictatorship era.

“We have never done a conceptual lyrical work on a subject, this will be the first one and I believe that it will be a great and honest work. I hope all head bangers can enjoy it.”

TORTURE SQUAD‘s latest album, “Aequilibrium”, was released in 2010 via Wacken Records.