TRACII GUNS Guitar-Lesson Videos Now Available

Music lesson web site is now featuring guitar lesson videos with L.A. GUNS guitarist Tracii Guns.

At you will find the following lesson videos by Tracii Guns:

* “Early L.A. Guns” (Sex Action, No Mercy)
* “Jimmy Page Esque/One Four Five”
* “Must Know Blues Licks In A”
* “Must Know Blues Licks In A” (Part 2)
* “Never Enough”
* “Ted Nugent/Joe Walsh Esque”
* “Ballad Of Jayne”
* “Tracii’s Home Studio” (John Bonham Drum Sounds, Busing Tracks, Condenser Microphones)
* “Tracii’s Home Studio” (Tuning Drums)
* “Tracii’s Home Studio” (Recording Drums With One Microphone)
* “Tracii’s Home Studio” (Recording Bass)
* “Tracii’s Home Studio” (Abbey Road Brilliance Control Plug In, Tape Echo On Guitar Solos)
* “Tracii’s Style” (Early Influences, Hybrid Picking)

“Jimmy Page Esque/One Four Five” can be viewed in Flash and Quicktime HD format at this location. is owned and operated by Bob Balch from FU MANCHU.