TRACY G Comments On His Upcoming Book, New Solo Album, BLACK SABBATH Reunion

Former DIO guitarist Tracy “G” Grijalva is working on a book that will chronicle his time in DIO (from 1993 through 1999). According to a press release, “The book will talk about everything from his initial tryout for the band, how he got that chance and also the end of the line for him in DIO. G will talk about the writing process, the touring, his feelings on the band and also his own private thoughts about working with Ronnie James Dio during this time.

Commented Tracy: “Actually, I only just come up with some memories and general ideas, but I can hardly call myself a real writer. So I have asked a good friend named Jeff Westlake to do the literary job and put the pieces together. Jeff plays in a band himself and is a big DIO fan, so I guess the book should be cool.”

Tracy recently released a new CD with his band THE TRACY G GROUP called “Controlled Chaos”, available on his own Spooky G Records. Tracy is joined by Johnny B on drums and vocals and Eddie Frisco on bass.

Said Tracy: “I sure hope my old and new fans will like it because there is something from the Tracy G they used to know from the time I played in DIO, but I have also tried to expolore new ways to express myself.

“There are some things I have to say about the guys playing in my band who helped me with the album and without whom all my ideas would have been lost.

“It is obvious that I am not as much in the public eye as I was in the ’90s when I was playing in DIO, so I would like everyone to get to know these wonderful musicians better. Johnny B is on vocals and drums and Eddy Frisco is on bass. They have played with many local bands here in California since they were young. The great thing about them is that they are both very talented and cool people and, what’s more, they have been playing and touring together for many years, so they are real tight as bandmates. Besides working with me, they also play in another band — it’s a cover band called MO50. They are super guys are we are writing more new songs all the time. Currently, we are trying to get some distribution for my new CD worldwide and I hope we’ll be able to hire an experienced booking agent to do some tours next year.”

On the topic of the recently announced reunion of the original BLACK SABBATH lineup, Tracy said, “I’ve always been a BLACK SABBATH fan and I always will — you could probably feel it when [DIO‘s] ‘Strange Highways’ [album] came out where I was trying to do my best to follow up on what those guys did on ‘Dehumanizer’. No matter what they say about Ozzy [Osbourne] and Bill [Ward], I think it’ll be a great because Tony [Iommi] and Geezer [Butler] can be counted on to do wonders and [pdocuer] Rick Rubin is the right man for the job.”

Tracy left DIO in 1999 after he claimed he was “asked to play in a dual-guitar situation” in Ronnie‘s band. According to a posting on Tracy‘s web site, DIO was “looking for more of a Ritchie Blackmore style . . . and wanted [Tracy] to step back and just play rhythm guitar. That’s when [Tracy] knew it was time to leave, freeing him to more diligently pursue his home studio projects.”

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