TRAIL OF MURDER Releases Debut Album

TRAIL OF MURDER, the Bollnäs, Sweden-based band featuring former members of TAD MOROSE and MORGANA LEFAY, released its debut album, “Shades Of Art”, on October 26 via Metal Heaven.

After singer Urban Breed parted ways with TAD MOROSE in 2005, he and former bandmate Daniel Olsson decided to start a new band. When MORGANA LEFAY drummer Pelle Åkerlind, who had already worked with Breed in BLOODBOUND, was added to the lineup, the three-piece really started to gel and tremendous new songs began to take shape.

Since they had a singer, a guitarist and a drummer, and all could play bass, the fledgling band didn’t involve any more members at first, and “Shades Of Art” started to take shape. The songs pretty much wrote themselves, and in the fall of 2011, the guys were ready to enter the Black Lounge studio with Jonas Kjellgren (SONIC SYNDICATE, SCAR SYMMETRY) at the helm and mix the CD.

Only once the record was finished did TRAIL OF MURDER actually start to look for another guitarist and a bass player. Hasse Eismar (guitar), with whom Pelle had previously played, came first and rehearsals commenced, but when Hasse himself posted a teaser clip on his Facebook page, Johan Bergquist, a guy Hasse had done some gigs with before at home, came back and posted the now-immortal phrase, “Get rid of the bass player — I want in!” Needless to say, everyone decided to give him a try, and halfway through the first song, it was obvious to all they’d found their guy.

“Shades Of Art” track listing:

01. Shades Of Art
02. Carnivore
03. Lady Don’t Answer
04. Mab
05. I Know Shadows
06. Your Silence
07. Higher
08. The Song You Never Sang
09. Nightmares I Stole
10. Child Of Darkest Night
11. Some Stand Alone
12. My Heart Still Cries


Urban Breed – Vocals
Daniel Olsson – Guitar
Pelle Akerlind – Drums
Hasse Eismar – Guitar
Johan Bergquist – Bass

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