Wichita, Kansas’ TRANSCENDENCY has inked a deal with up-and-coming label At Your Command Records.

Commented At Your Command Records owner Chelsea Steele: “When I first listened to TRANSCENDENCY‘s EP, ‘Human/Complex’, I realized this band had something going on. They were melodic yet heavy, catchy and entertaining. If that was only their first effort I can only imagine what will come next with more experience under their belts. More people need to know about them, there’s a little bit of something for everyone in their music.”

TRANSCENDENCY‘s Kendall Crocombe added: “We’re all really excited to be a part of this label. Writing the best music we can, having big plans for the future, and now getting some great support and help behind this band is something that we’re all looking forward to in furthering our futures with the band we’ve all put so much into.”

“Human/Complex” came out last September and was followed by the release of the “Reshape, Reform” single this past January.

Kendall continued: “Our plans for this upcoming spring and summer are to start really hitting the road as much as we can and playing for new audiences. We are also hard at work writing for our next release which is going great so far. We’re all really eager to see what people think of us pushing our songwriting and sound to places and levels it hasn’t gone before. There are a lot of things we’ve wanted to try and haven’t gotten the chance to yet and we feel this release will really show us for what we each individually are.”

TRANSCENDENCY has long been in the works, and until recently has finally pulled together all the resources to make that long planned vision come to life. With each member bringing strong assets to the table, the band has successfully blended those skills and many aspects of progressive metal to create a sound that captures melody and beauty, but is relentless in its aggressiveness and determination for the listener to hear its message and feelings.