Tribute Album To WOODS OF YPRES Mainman DAVID GOLD: Cover Artwork Unveiled

A tribute album to David Gold — a founding member of the Ontario, Canada-based black and doom metal band WOODS OF YPRES, who was killed in December in a car accident near Barrie, Ontario — will tentatively be released in late August or early September. The CD’s cover artwork was created by Jason Hicks and can be seen below.

The project’s mastermind, Steph LeDrew, previously stated about the collection: “On December 21, the world lost WOODS OF YPRES founder/frontman David Gold. Not only was the entire local metal community but the international metal family mourned the loss of such a brilliant soul. As a thank you and farewell to WOODS OF YPRES, I reached out to those who were influenced by WOODS and David, so join me in creating a musical salute to one of the greatest doom metal bands to unleash onto the underground metal scene.”

Arists and songs featured on the album are as follows:

* NOVEMBERS DOOM – “Wet Leather”
* GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH – “Suicide Cargoload”
* ECLIPSE ETERNAL – “Crossing The 45th Parallel”
* EMPYREAN PLAGUE – “Shedding The Deadwood”
* PANZERFAUST – “A Meeting Place And Time”
* PAGAN RITUAL – “The Shams Of Optimism”
* AMARANTH – “Allure Of The Earth”
* ALBIREON – “Retrosleep In The Morning Calm”
* ANEMIC – “The Sun Was In My Eyes: Part Doom”
* BEGOTTEN – “The Sea Of Immeasureable Loss”
* RELIQUIS – “Career Suicide”
* CANOPY – “Falling Apart”
* UNBOWED – “Your Ontario Town Is A Burial Ground”
* DEATHMARCH – “Northern Cold”
* KUHRZARTH – “Finality”
* THE GOV’ AND FRIENDS – “Intro: The Looming Of Dust In The Dark”
* THE BEAR HUNTERS – “Thrill Of The Struggle”
* SVARTE KRAKE – “You Were The Light”
* JUSTIN BENDER (INTO ETERNITY) – “Trillium: The 3rd Of Three Winters”

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Formed in 2002, WOODS OF YPRES has earned critical acclaim for its ever-evolving, envelope-pushing mix of blackened doom metal. Most often compared to bands such as AGALLOCH and TYPE O NEGATIVE, WOODS OF YPRES toes a thin line between the catchy, the artistic and the extreme to create an unmistakable signature sound.


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