TRIVIUM Guitarist Speaks Out Against Bullying

On January 14, guitarist Corey Beaulieu of Florida metallers TRIVIUM taped a five-minute public service announcement (PSA) for the Musicians Opposed To Bullying (M.O.B.) web site addressing the ever-growing problem of bullying, and especially cyber-bullying — the use of technology such as the Internet and phone texting to harass or humiliate others.

“If you’re younger and you’re going through the typical middle-school, high-school bullying, kids that age are idiots and assholes,” Corey said in his videotaped message, which can be seen in its entirety below. “A lot of people that give us shit on the Internet that have message board comments and say a bunch of negative stuff, they’re usually middle-school, high-school kids that haven’t really grown up or experienced anything besides their world of high school and middle school. . . [where] everybody gets so wrapped up in everyone’s business, all the drama and gossip. Kids are immature and stuff like that. But once you get older, obviously, going through it is tough, but if you push on through, go to college, move somewhere new, make new friends… I’ve seen a lot of people at my school that weren’t the cool kids and popular that didn’t really get picked on, but they just weren’t considered somebody you wanted to hang out with. And you see them years later after high school, and they’re like a totally different person — [they’re] really successful. They knew what they wanted to do and once they had the opportunity to do it, with college or some kind of job or whatever, they did it and they became probably cooler than some of the people you thought were cool in high school. So you’ve just gotta stay strong and plow through all the bullshit and just go for the gold — mountain top.”