TRUE WITNESS To Release ‘The Human Condition’ In April

Chicago hard rockers TRUE WITNESS will release their debut album, “The Human Condition”, on April 10 via Dark Star Records.

Comprised of Allen James (vocals), Randy Gonet (guitar), Brian Gordon (bass), and Tom Miller (drums), TRUE WITNESS took its time crafting “The Human Condition” — going as far as tracking nearly two albums worth of material, so they could select strictly the crème de la crème for the final product. As a result, such standout tunes as “The Face Of Evil”, “Waking With The Dead” and “High Time” pack quite the metallic punch.

Once “The Human Condition” is released, the quartet is planning on launching a full U.S. tour in the summer, will be thoroughly promoted at rock radio, and will film a music video (the song has yet to be determined). And another key selling point — the ten-track album is going to be modestly priced at $11.99, which will obviously attract many a headbanger on a budget.

“The Human Condition” track listing:

01. Slippin’/Slidin’
02. The Face of Evil
03. High Time
04. Forming My Religion
05. Seeds
06. Walking With The Dead
07. Tell Me
08. Take The Wheel
09. Fade With The Night
10. Wake Up Call


Allen James (Vocals)
Randy Gonet (Guitar)
Tom Miller (Drums)
Brian Gordon (Bass)

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