TWISTED SISTER Guitarist Says There Are No Plans To Record New Studio Album

Über Rock recently conducted an interview with TWISTED SISTER guitarist Eddie Ojeda. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Über Rock: What do you think it is about TWISTED SISTER that keeps the band relevant in 2011 and keeps getting you good slots on such big festivals?

Eddie: It’s just one of those things and we’re glad it’s still happening. It’s kinda hard to explain, because you never really know why and all of a sudden people just seemed to get it more than they ever did or they’re just getting it. Whatever the reason, we’re definitely grateful to get that recognition for what it is we do but I also think that what we do is all so unique and different than what every other band does. It kinda creates that interest and people want to hear us because we are different and we’re not really similar to other bands and what they do. We have something that’s unique and it’s still something people want to see and there are a load of people who never got the chance to see us back in the day.

Über Rock: Was that the motivation a decade ago when the band reconvened? Sort of like unfinished business?

Eddie: Probably that, and the fact we were broke! That’s always a motivator. Unfortunately the 9/11 thing is what brought us back together and started the whole reunion thing. We did a benefit for the New York firemen, and that started the whole vibe. After that, the offers started to flood in and we thought, “Hey, guys, this could work.” We felt we kicked ass, and little by little we got back into it, but that show was amazing and we haven’t really looked back since, which has brought us to where we are now doing all these festivals. It’s still a great opportunity and it’s great for us to do what we have to do and we’re grateful for that second opportunity.

Über Rock: Has it ever been discussed between the band to write new material or ever get around to releasing an album of new TWISTED SISTER tracks?

Eddie: We have discussed it as a band, but right now it’s not the focus of the band and definitely not something we plan on doing, but we never say never because you never know what’s gonna happen in the future. We may do a single here and there possibly, I don’t really know. The way we see it is new material will take so long to write and record. When other bands do new material, it doesn’t seem to get noticed and people still want to hear the old stuff. When I see bands play like [IRON] MAIDEN or [JUDAS] PRIEST all these great band put out new stuff and it’s all good but when they play it live the audience goes quiet on those songs, yet when they go back into “British Steel” or “Screaming For Vengeance”, the audience comes back to life and you know we can see that and it’s noted. It’s one of those things, and it gets like, what’s the point in doing those things if it takes so long to do the thing then for people to catch on? Especially for bands like TWISTED, it’s been so long between albums. It’s one thing when you’re current and people are following each album, but for some of the ’80s bands, there are a lot of years between albums and coming up with a new one can be tough. I’m working on a new album myself at the moment and I’ll be putting out some new stuff. We’ll see what happens in the future, but at the moment it looks like a no for new TWISTED SISTER stuff.

Über Rock: I was going to get around to your new album. Have you written and recorded new stuff and do you have any players in mind?

Eddie: Well right now I’ve got a guy called BJ on drums from HOUSE OF LORDS and DOKKEN and Chris on bass and it’s the three of us, but I’ll get some guests in like the last album when I had people like Ronnie James Dio and Dee [Snider] singing a couple of tracks and Joe Lynn Turner, and Rudy Sarzo played bass so I like having different people coming in and play but most of it will be the three of us. I’ll have some guest singers come in, some of my favorites, hopefully, will come in but until I can get people in, you know, I don’t want to say who, just in case it doesn’t come off and then this one comes back to me and says this or that and I don’t want to get myself into any trouble over things like that. So as much as I’d love to tell you, I’m keeping tight-lipped over names! [Laughs]I have a few people in mind, and I’m looking to get it done by the end of this year, if I can fit it all in, but the schedule is hard…..but it will get done.

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