TWISTED SISTER Takes Aim At Minneapolis Food Truck


According to WCCO-TV, TWISTED SISTER guitarist and manager, J.J. French, and his attorney have sent a cease-and-desist letter to the owners of the Twisted Sister House Of Hunger food truck in Minneapolis, Minnesota asking the business to change its name.

“It is the opinion of our client, with which we concur, that your use of the name Twisted Sister will cause dilution of our client’s famous mark and will cause confusion among consumers,” the letter read.

“They want us to pull all existence of ourselves from the Internet, all advertising,” Wesley Kaake said. “It’s a big list of demands.”

“I don’t know how somebody can get a 20 foot aluminum box mixed up with an ’80s rock band,” Cody Allen told

“We never refer to ourselves just solely as Twisted Sister. We are in the food industry not the entertainment industry,” Allen added.

Kaake told WCCO-TV at least six other businesses that he knows of, including Twisted Sisters Cupcakes in Virginia Beach, have also been served cease-and-desist notices.

“After talking with five other companies across the country as well as one in Serbia who have received a letter from them, we may not be so eager to back down and take it,” said Kaake.

TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider tweeted that he was sorry to hear about the name dispute, he made it clear that is only the lead singer and not part of the band’s management, and has insisted that he had nothing to do with this.