U.D.O.: First ‘Anniversary Edition’ Reissues Detailed

AFM Records will re-release all U.D.O. albums as “Anniversary Edition” with bonus material (more details below). The first reissues — “Solid”, “No Limits”, “Holy” and “Man And Machine” — will be made available on December 7, with more to follow in 2013.

“Solid” track listing:

01. Independence Day
02. Two Faced Woman
03. Desperate Balls
04. The Punisher
05. Devil’s Dice
06. Bad Luck
07. Preachers Of The Night
08. Hate Stinger
09. Braindead Hero
10. Pray For The Hunted
11. The Healer


12. Independence Day (Live)
13. Mad Dogs And Loaded Guns (Demo)
14. Warchild (Demo)
15. Independence Day (Video)

“No Limits” track listing:

01. The Gate
02. Freelance Man
03. Way Of Life
04. No Limits
05. With A Vengeance
06. One Step To Fate
07. Backstreet Loner
08. Raise The Crown
09. Manhunt
10. Rated X
11. Lovemachine
12. I’m A Rebel
13. Azrael


14. No Limits (Live)
15. The Key
16. Azrael (Remix)
17. Rated X (Demo)
18. Tough Luck (Demo)

“Holy” track listing:

01. Holy
02. Raiders Of Beyond
03. Shout It Out
04. Recall The Sin
05. Thunder In The Tower
06. Back Off
07. Friends Will Be Friends
08. State Run Operation
09. Danger
10. Ride The Storm
11. Cut Me Out


12. Holy (Live)
13. Raiders Of Beyond (Live)
14. Shout It Out (Live)
15. Thunder In The Tower (Live)
16. Recall The Sin (Demo)

“Man And Machine” track listing:

01. Man And Machine
02. Private Eye
03. Animal Instinct
04. The Dawn Of The Gods
05. Dancing With An Angel (feat. Doro Pesch)
06. Silent Cry
07. Network Nightmare
08. Hard To Be Honest
09. Like A Lion
10. Black Heart
11. Unknown Traveller


12. Man And Machine (Live)
13. Dancing With An Angel (feat. Doro Pesch) (Remix)

U.D.O.‘s November 16, 2011 concert at Hristo Botev Hall in Sofia, Bulgaria was professionally filmed for release as a DVD+CD and Blu-ray+CD. Entitled “Live In Sofia”, it was made available on November 9 via AFM Records.

Guitarist Stefan Kaufmann recently left U.D.O. for health reasons.

Stefan will continue to work with U.D.O. behind the scenes and produce other bands at his Roxx studio.

Kaufmann was the drummer for ACCEPT on nine albums but was forced to give up drumming towards the end of the band’s initial run due to health problems.

Stefan joined U.D.O. as a guitar player in 1996, following ACCEPT‘s second breakup, and has recorded nine albums with them.

U.D.O. ‘s latest album, “Rev-Raptor”, was released on May 20, 2011 via AFM Records.


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