U.K.’s SOLSTICE To Record First New Material In 15 Years

British doom metal outfit SOLSTICE will enter an undisclosed studio in Huddersfield, Yorkshire at the end of April to begin recording its first new material since 1998’s “New Dark Age” album. Tracks set to be laid down include “I Am The Hunter”, “Fortress England” and “Death’s Crown Is Victory”.

Video footage of SOLSTICE performing the song “Death’s Crown Is Victory” during rehearsal can be seen below.

SOLSTICE released only two albums and one EP before going their separate ways more than a decade ago.

Formed in the early 1990s by vocalist Simon Matravers, the band included guitarists Richard M. Walker and John Piras, bassist Lee “Chaz” Netherwood, and drummer Lennaert Roomer. According to AllMusic, the group introduced its particularly sorrowful style via its 1994 debut album, “Lamentations” (Candlelight). The “Halcyon” EP (featuring guitarist Gian Pyres, later of CRADLE OF FILTH) followed in 1995, after which SOLSTICE experienced numerous business-related and internal difficulties. By the time “New Dark Age” was released, the band featured only two original members (Walker and Netherwood) alongside vocalist Morris Ingram, guitarist Hamish Hamilton Glencross and drummer Rick Budby.