ULCER’s ‘Grant Us Death’ Due In February

Polish old-school death metallers ULCER will release their new full-length album, “Grant Us Death”, on February 19 (January 28 in Europe) via Pulverised Records. The CD is described in a press release as “truly an unspeakable act of zombie-invoking riffs, heavily dosed with horror-theme inspired melody lines but yet spewing forth some of the most extremely well-(de)composed filthy-as-fuck death metal in the recent years.”

Featuring the exclusive macabre painting by Bartek Kurzok (ABIGAIL, DEMONIC SLAUGHTER, GOAT TYRANT) and alluring layout by Kontamination Design, “Grant Us Death” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Sinquest Sound Studio (BLAZE OF PERDITION, MOON) in Lublin by Grzegorz Kulawiak and ULCER.

“Grant Us Death” track listing:

01. Grant Us Death
02. Devilspeed
03. Bloodpainted Salvation
04. The Love Song
05. Godcremation
06. Thanatoeuphoria
07. Devialize
08. The Pact
09. My Lord Has Horns
10. When Horror Comes

“The Love Song” can be streamed on the band’s Facebook page.



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