ULI JON ROTH: Milwaukee Footage Available

Fan-filmed video footage of legendary guitarist Uli Jon Roth‘s (SCORPIONS) January 26 concert at the Shank Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin can be viewed below (courtesy of Arthur Creech).

In 2007, Uli Jon Roth conduceted his Sky Academy in Hollywood, California. Two concerts highlighted the week-long event. Soon after, many recordings of the show surfaced. Combining these sources, Uli and his team were able to capture the magic of one of these nights.

“Live In Hollywood” is an NTSC-only DVD which contains footage of Uli playing material from the SCORPIONS, solo and ELECTRIC SUN. This is a very limited pressing and is only being made available for Uli‘s North American tour in January and February. Once sold out, it will not be pressed again.

“Live In Hollywood” track listing:

01. Intro Jam
02. Firewind
03. Land Of Dawn
04. We’ll Burn The Sky
05. Fly To The Rainbow
06. Pictured Life
07. In Trance
08. Polar Nights
09. Going Down
10. Sails Of Charon
11. Catch Your Train

To order a copy, go to this location (scroll down).

Sky Academy was conceived by Uli to provide knowledge and inspiration to those who take guitar seriously and to help them reach a new plateau.

The seminars are designed to open people’s eyes to new possibilities and to trigger an awakening of the student’s full awareness.

The philosophy and approach of Sky Academy is consistent with the ideals of its founder.

The teaching center on achieving the student’s transition to a noticeably higher level of ability. This includes raising their general and specific musical awareness, as well as facilitating an increase in their technical abilities. The participants are able to receive invaluable direct insights into the way Uli approaches the art of guitar playing, as well as concerning his philosophy of music in general.


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