ULVER To Release Limited-Edition ‘Roadburn’ EP

To commemorate ULVER‘s special performance at this year’s Roadburn, a “Roadburn” EP will be made available on our the festival’s own label on Thursday, April 12.

ULVER‘s “Roadburn” EP includes “I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)”, a cover of a song by THE ELECTRIC PRUNES, originally recorded in 1967. Some of you might have heard ULVER‘s hypnotic version before, as it was streamed online in 2009.
The B-side sees ULVER covering 13TH FLOOR ELEVATOR‘s classic track “Reverberation (Doubt)”, written by Tommy Hall, Stacy Sutherland and Roky Erikson in 1966. ULVER’s take features special guests including VIRUSCzral on bass.

ULVER‘s musical career is a sonic kaleidoscopic epic. Lo-fi black metal beginnings turned into acoustic outsider-folk and from there mutated and continued to evolve from electronic and ambient forms, symphonic traditions, soundtracks for films, post and prog-rock and on to their current sound, which basically defies any further attempts at labeling. They are without question unique, multifaceted and one of the most talented bands active today and Roadburn is colossally chuffed to release this “Roadburn” EP (limited to 500 copies) in tandem with the 2012 festival.