UMORAL Working On Full-Length Debut

UMORAL, the “highly nihilistic” Norwegian black metal band featuring current and former members of MAYHEM, NIDINGR, FLEURETY, DØDHEIMSGARD and GORGOROTH, has commenced work on its debut album, entitled “Der Hvor Sola Aldri Skinner”.

An UMORAL full-length release has been planned for several years, following the band’s highly successful seven-inch EP, which came out in 2007 on Vendlus Records.

The recording has been delayed for a long time due to the busy schedule of UMORAL‘s former drummer Hellhammer.

For the “Der Hvor Sola Aldri Skinner” sessions, UMORAL has recruited a new drummer, Anti-Christian (TSJUDER, GRIMFIST, THE CUMSHOTS).

UMORAL‘s lineup is completed by guitarist Teloch and vocalist Zweizz.