Update On RIOT Guitarist MARK REALE’s Condition

Mark Reale, the founding guitarist of the legendary metal band RIOT was admitted to a San Antonio hospital last week in critical condition due to complications of Crohn’s disease — an ailment he has battled for most of his life.

The following update on Reale‘s condition was posted on Reale‘s official web site, MarkReale.com:

“When I went to see Mark today, I talked with his nurse (pray for them too) she was nice enough to give me a medical term of Mark‘s conditions.

Mark had a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage [Wikipedia] and is why he’s still in a coma since January 11, 2012 when he was rushed to the hospital. Mark is also fighting several other critical conditions, but is getting the very best here in San Antonio from gifted and talented doctors.

“Please continue to keep Mark in your thoughts and prayers, I continue every day reading them to Mark! God hears all of us, ask for HIS goodness to heal Mark.

“If you would like to write a prayer that will be delivered personally by myself to Mark‘s bedside, please click on this link now.”

RIOT played its first show without Reale last night (Wednesday, January 18) at B.B. King Blues Club Grill in New York City.

Mark has been battling Crohn’s for most of his life, working and performing while enduring almost constant pain and the side effects of treatment for his illness. He was in Texas bravely attempting to practice for the shows, but was felled by a severe onset of Crohn’s symptoms leaving him in the Intensive Care Unit at an undisclosed facility.

Mark was struggling with these symptoms throughout the production of RIOT‘s new album, “Immortal Soul”, and guitarist Mike Flyntz recorded a major portion of the guitars on the LP with Mark‘s creative direction while he was unable to perform.