Upstate New York Officials ‘Concerned’ About GODSMACK Concert

According to, city officials in Watertown, New York — located approximately 70 miles north of Syracuse and 30 miles south of Canada — are concerned that GODSMACK‘s upcoming performance on the city-owned Alex T. Duffy Fairgrounds could cause some of the same problems encountered during last month’s TRAGICALLY HIP concert.

City Manager Mary M. Corriveau said on Monday that GODSMACK attracts a bad element and it’s more complicated and less of a security risk than an indoor concert.

Since GODSMACK is scheduled to perform on the fairgrounds baseball field, it will be more difficult to control security, city officials said Monday night.

Promoter Sebby Abbate of AMP Entertainment told he plans to hire 40 security workers at the GODSMACK show, which is expected to have an attendance of around 6,000.

Jefferson County Fair Director Bob Simpson told, “The main issues we had at the TRAGICALLY HIP concert was the type of crowd that we had and the fact that there was a lot of pre-concert partying going on.”

Watertown Wizards owner Paul Simmons said, “We’ll have security out there. Port-a-pottys were big issues. You turn 6,000 people loose at TRAGICALLY HIP, open the gates, the first thing they’ve got to do is go to the bathroom. That was a problem.”

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