USURPRESS To Release Debut LP This Summer

Selfmadegod Records will release the debut LP from Swedish death metal horde USURPRESS this summer.

Following their “In Permanent Twilight” MCD released via Selfmadegod this past spring — in addition to recently released split EPs with PYRAMIDO (Plague Island) and BOMBS OF HADES (Doomentia) — the first full-length from USURPRESS is ready for disbursement, available from Selfmadegod this July! Entitled “Trenches Of The Netherworld”, the album contains eleven soul-reaping circle-pit anthems utilizing the band’s seemingly patented blend of death metal and d-beat/crust punk influences. The CD’s cover art was crafted by by Rafal Kruszyk (INTERMENT, HOODED MENACE, DECEASED, PAGANIZER).

Uppsala-based USURPRESS features the steamrolling flair of four members of the Swedish punk/metal underworld, including vocalist Stefan “Steffe” Pettersson (DISKONTO, UNCURBED), bassist Daniel Ekeroth (ex-TYRANT, ex-DELLAMORTE, author of “Swedish Death Metal” book), drummer Calle Andersson and guitarist Påhl (ex-BLOTSERAPH, ex-SHURIKEN).

“Trenches Of The Netherworld” track listing:

01. Black Death On White Wings
02. Effigies Burns Across The Wastelands
03. Coronation Of The Crippled King
04. The Wooden Sceptre
05. The Colours Of Darkness
06. Trenches Of The Netherworld
07. The God Eaters
08. In The Beginning (Ended Yesterday)
09. Dethroned By Shadows
10. I Stand Above Time
11. Seduction Through Bloodshed


Photo credit: Eric Blomgren


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