Lithuanian progressive black/death metal act UVIKRA has signed with badGod Music.

Founded in September 2009, UVIKRA is a one-man black/death metal project hailing from Vilnius. The single and singular member (Loikav) has created an unorthodox sound. While brutal and grisly in its rawness, this sound is tempered with a subtle progressive element. Unnaturally glottal vocals add to the unworldly feel while lamenting the futility of earthly existence.

UVIKRA has three releases to its credit. The first was the self-titled full-length released September 23, 2010. An EP, “Patterns Of Life”, was released April 9, 2011. Both of these releases are available for free download on UVIKRA‘s Bandcamp site.

UVIKRA‘s most recent material, gathered together in the form of the full-length “Bi”, was originally released November 15, 2011. Currently available as a digital download on both the UVIKRA and badGod Music Bandcamp pages, it will see a proper physical release in early 2013.


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