After the release of 2011’s “Break The Silence” and the headlining tour through seven European countries in support of the album, German “a cappella metal” band VAN CANTO — which consists of five singers and one drummer (no guitars, no bass, no keyboards) — took a break from live performances. They used the time to work on numerous side projects — including mastermind Stefan Schmidt‘s new power metal band HEAVATAR, and to recharge the batteries for their return in 2013.

In addition to making a number of festival appearances, VAN CANTO will release its fifth studio album in the fall/winter of 2013 as part of its renewed collaboration with Napalm Records.

Says Nadir, Napalm Records AR representative: “VAN CANTO is innovative, unique and polarizing — that’s the best thing that can happen to a label. You must not let a band like this go, and that’s why we are proud that VAN CANTO continue to work with us. Together, we will shake the foundations of the metal world!”

Adds Stef of VAN CANTO: “To take a break for a full year was quite odd for us. Maybe there are bands that are satisfied with releasing an album every 5 years, but for us it felt quite unnatural to stay away from the stage for a full year. We have checked out new things, and are now more eager than ever to return with VAN CANTO. We are happy that Napalm Records will be the partner for our fifth album. The album will be the most heroic, heaviest and most symphonic album in our discography, and we cannot wait to enter the studio.”


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