VAN HALEN: U.K. Online Retailer Unveils ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’ Slipcase Edition

U.K. online retailer is taking pre-orders for the exclusive slipcase edition of VAN HALEN‘s new album, “A Different Kind Of Truth”, which will be released on February 7 via Interscope.

A 90-second excerpt of a new VAN HALEN song called “Blood And Fire” was posted online, and it turns out that the track is yet another reworking of an older, more obscure track. A recording has been found on YouTube of an instrumental called “Ripley” that dates back to 1984 and was heard on the soundtrack of a movie called “The Wild Life” which starred the late Chris Penn and was written by Cameron Crowe, who went on to direct “Jerry Maguire” and other films.

Guitarist Eddie Van Halen wrote a score for the movie, but only one song called “Donut City” was issued on the soundtrack. The rest of Eddie‘s music can be heard throughout the film.

“Blood And Fire” is taken from “A Different Kind Of Truth”, which is VAN HALEN‘s first album in 13 years and first with original singer David Lee Roth since 1984. It’s the fourth track from the disc that’s confirmed to have its roots in older material.

First single “Tattoo” is based on an unreleased 1977 track called “Down In Flames”, while “She’s The Woman” was first recorded on a 1976 demo. Another tune called “Bullethead” also dates back to the group’s early days.

VAN HALEN kicks off a North American tour on February 18 in Louisville, Kentucky.