VAN HALEN’s DAVID LEE ROTH: ‘I Listen Constantly And I Sing And Dance Constantly’

Kathy McCabe of Australia’s The Daily Telegraph recently conducted an interview with VAN HALEN singer David Lee Roth. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

The Daily Telegraph: Is the concert in Australia part of your quest to get VAN HALEN out of America and touring the world again?

Roth: Clearly. The Van Halens, I think, are just now starting to value that which once was, which was the capacity to experience other worlds, other communities, particularly when you are a stranger in a stranger land. I find that so refreshing. And you gotta be prepared to be a beginner, you gotta be prepared to not have your cheesburger and fries, you gotta be prepared for a lot. In the days back when, we would come off the road after a full year out, I would walk straight though to the international terminal and head for an adventure. I have earned the stars and scars. Kathy, we were shooting some film the other day and I said to the make-up lady in Japanese: “You see there are eight lines on my forehead? Each one is named after an ex-girlfriend.” And she points to the third and says and “Which one is this, Dave?” “That’s Stacey from Dallas.”

The Daily Telegraph: Is there still that fire in the belly when you walk on stage?

Roth: That fire starts down around little Elvis long before it reaches the belly. Yeah, I named my dick. Actually I think it was Stacey who did. You think I’m kidding? My fire starts long before we even start to rehearse let alone get to the stage. I collect music, like, by weight. There are still three Tower Records stores here, four floors of actual CDs, you can hold them in your hands like belt buckles. If I cup my hands I can pile CDs all the way up to my chin. I myself have four or five things I really love to listen to and I am able to investigate deeply into that here. I listen constantly and I sing and dance constantly. I chose this apartment because it has a cool wooden floor and with the right socks you can get a four-foot slide.

Read the entire interview from The Daily Telegraph.


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