VEGAN BLACK METAL CHEF’s First Recipe Video Closing In On Half Million Views

The first recipe video (see below) from the so-called Vegan Black Metal Chef — which features the creation of a pad Thai dish, with instructions delivered in a classic guttural shrieking voice to custom-written riffs as the leather-clad host cuts tofu with evil-looking weapons — has been watched nearly 500,000 times since it appeared on YouTube five days ago.

In a post on his newly launched web site, the Florida-based “Black Metal Chef” Brian Manowitz answers the question: Why vegan?

“I’ll give it to you in two answers,” he writes. “The fast answer is I’m vegan because I don’t believe in the exploitation of animals.

“Most animals raised for food live in what I consider a darker hell than one I could ever imagine — the best moment of their lives is their moment of death.

“Not every animal is treated like that, but it’s such a majority of cases that it’s time for us to decide if we want any part of it.

“The second in-depth reason. The world is in a constant state of change, refinement and evolution. That applies to our own selves as well.

“We must constantly bring consciousness to all of our actions and continue to refine them, and discard whatever’s not useful for our true happiness.”

He adds: “It’s all about bringing consciousness to your life and actions. Everything is connected, so if we’re causing suffering to others, to animals, and to the earth in general — we’re causing suffering to ourselves.

“Ridding ourselves of the exploitation of animals would be beneficial to health care, world hunger, the environment, energy, domestic policy, international police and more.

“One of the reasons for making Vegan Black Metal Chef is to aid everyone who wants help with these matters.”


(Thanks: Fireangel / Night Elves)