VENGEFUL: New Album Details Revealed

Montreal, Quebec, Canada-based band VENGEFUL has set “Vengeful” as the title of its third album, due on November 29. The CD was recorded with producer Chris Donaldson (CRYPTOPSY, THE LAST FELONY, NEURAXIS) and is comprised of two parts, Face A being “Towards Obliteration” and Face B bearing the name “Leaping Through The Void”. The group states, “The first one features our high-speed/face-melting side and the latter leans on the slower/moodier approach heard on older songs such as ‘Counterfeit Deity’ or ‘Transcending’.”

“Vengeful” track listing:

Towards Obliteration

01. Decay
02. Abyss
03. Consumed
04. Skinned
05. Delirium
06. Pernicious
07. Delusional

Leaping Through The Void

01. Visions
02. Still
03. Malice
04. Distant
05. Exit

VENGEFUL adds: “Even though we recorded two cover songs during these sessions, they will not appear on the album. They will both be available for streaming sometime in November but they’ll appear on a future release. An alternate version of the song ‘Pernicious’ will surface on ‘From Coast to Coast: Death Metal Edition’, a compilation that features exclusively Canadian bands on October 18th via Metal Made In Canada.”

VENGEFUL 2011 is:

Marc-André Grenier: Vocals
Jean-Marie Leblanc: Guitar/Back Vocals
Emmanuel Pronovost: Guitar/Back Vocals
Philipp Truesdell: Drums

VENGEFUL‘s second full-length album, “The Omnipresent Curse”, was released in August 2009. The cover artwork was once again painted by Martin Lacroix (AUGURY, HUMANOID).

VENGEFUL‘s debut album, “Karma”, was released in 2007 via Disconcert Music.