VENGEFUL Parts Ways With Singer

Vocalist Marc-André Grenier has announced his departure from the Montreal, Quebec, Canada-based band VENGEFUL. His official statement on the matter reads as follows:

“After a seven years journey, I have decided to quit VENGEFUL. For a while and for many reasons, my motivation had decline. A change of career and the realization of many personal projects pushed me to take that decision.

“I am extremely proud of everything that we have accomplished with VENGEFUL and with our third release, I consider that my mission is completed.

“I’d like to thank Jean-Marie for his trust in me and for creating such a musical masterpiece. I also want to thank all the former and present members for putting their guts in the this project. Thanks to everyone that supported us throughout the years. Many unforgettable moments will remain in my memory forever.

“I wish the best of luck to the band and the new lineup in the future.”

Added the remaining members of VENGEFUL: “Even though the remaining members of the band are disappointed by [Marc-André] departure, we remain in good terms. The vocalist position his now handled by Emmanuel Pronovost who’s been playing the guitar with VENGEFUL since 2008. His guitarist slot is now occupied by Phil Tougas (FIRST FRAGMENT, CHTHE’ILIST). This new configuration of VENGEFUL is featured on our rendition of MORBID ANGEL‘s ‘Blood On My Hands’.

Grenier‘s final release with VENGEFUL will be a collection of re-recorded (“more brutal and better-sounding”) versions of all the songs from the band’s debut album, “Karma” (released in 2007 via Disconcert Music) and the 2005 EP “Tragedy Lies Ahead”. A 2013 release is expected.

VENGEFUL 2012 is:

Vocals: Emmanuel Pronovost
Guitar: Jean-Marie Leblanc
Guitar: Phil Tougas
Bass: Olivier Pinard
Drums: Philip Truesdell

VENGEFUL‘s third album, “Vengeful”, came out last November. The CD was recorded with producer Chris Donaldson (CRYPTOPSY, THE LAST FELONY, NEURAXIS) and is comprised of two parts, Face A being “Towards Obliteration” and Face B bearing the name “Leaping Through The Void”. The group states, “The first one features our high-speed/face-melting side and the latter leans on the slower/moodier approach heard on older songs such as ‘Counterfeit Deity’ or ‘Transcending’.”

The cover artwork for “Vengeful” was created by the band’s longtime illustrator Martin Lacroix (HUMANOID, AUGURY, SPASME, CRYPTOPSY) and is described by the group as “a continuation of our previous album sleeves.”