VEX’s ‘Memorious’ To Be Released In January

San Marcos/Austin, Texas progressive death/black metal horde VEX will release its sophomore album, “Memorious”, on January 1, 2013 through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

The two years following the release of 2010’s “Thanatopsis” saw lineup changes, with Joe Jackson from local black metal SAKREFIX replacing vocalist Orlando Perez. Apart from a few local gigs, the primary focus during this period was on writing, arranging and recording new material.

A limited-edition pressing of “Memorious” was released in August 2012 to coincide with the band’s first full tour of the East Coast.

“Memorious” track listing:

01. Terra Soar
02. Carve My Eyes
03. Astride A Grave
04. No Such Thing
05. Spectral Nation
06. Away From The Sun
07. Wasteland (How Long Ago…)
08. Solace In Sleep
09. Those Days Are Gone
10. A Drinking Song

Earlier in the year, VEX released a split seven-inch single with reunited Texas death metal group DIVINE EVE. Obliteration Records issued a CD version of the split in Japan and Asia, featuring three tracks from each group.



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