Video: Creator Of World’s First Degree In Heavy Metal Talks To BBC

New College Nottingham (NCN) — which is said to be one of the largest further education colleges in the U.K. — is offering a two-year degree in heavy metal music.

The course was developed over a seven-month period by Liam Maloy, a lecturer in music performance at NCN, who describes the class as “academically rigorous.”

A two-minute video report from BBC News on U.K.’s first degree course on heavy metal can be seen below.

During the course, which is due to start in September, students will acquire skills in how to compose and perform heavy metal songs and will learn about the music business, the history of heavy metal and its role in films and video games. They will also perform at venues around the country during the course’s second year.

“In the past, heavy metal has not been taken seriously and is seen as lacking academic credibility when compared with genres such as jazz and classical music. But that’s just a cultural construction,” Maloy told The Sun.

However, the Campaign For Real Education said: “It might seem an attractive, easy option to some people. But you don’t need to do a degree in heavy metal. It’s a waste of time.”

Maloy responded, “You can study music at Oxford, Cambridge and in cities all over the U.K., but here in Nottingham we wanted to offer something special.

“Nottingham’s music industry is becoming stronger each year. Our students aspire to work in metal music marketing, at festivals and as promoters — this course will make that happen for them,” the course lecturer told the Nottingham Post.

More than 20 students have already signed up for the course, the fees for which from 2013-14 will be £5,750 (approximately $8,753) per year.

George Akins, owner of the Rock City venue in Nottingham, told the Nottingham Post: “I know this will create some interest, but I’m not sure how many people will think you need a degree in heavy metal. I wouldn’t want my son doing that.”

For more information on the “Music Performance (Heavy Metal)” course at New College Nottingham, click here.





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