Video: DEF LEPPARD Drummer Talks To FOX 5’s ‘More Access’ About His Fine Art

DEF LEPPARD drummer Rick Allen was recently interviewed by the lifestyle program “More Access” on Las Vegas’s Fox 5 television station about his his fine-art debut collection, “Electric Hand: Rhythm + Change”, which is being shown at America’s premiere art gallery, Martin Lawrence Galleries at the Forum Shops in Las Vegas. From March 22 until April 10, his entire collection of rhythm on canvas is on display, and fans are encouraged to visit the gallery while they are there to see it and own the final pieces available in the world. There will also be two live question-and-answer events with Rick at the gallery where he will discuss the collection and meeting the public. The events will be on March 28 at 6:30 p.m. and on April 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the gallery.

Allen is translating rhythm into a visual art medium through an extensive process involving drumbeat, light, photography, and graphic design. The result is a collection of abstract imagery built directly from Allen‘s rhythmic prowess. And as one of the pioneers in this new medium, Allen is holding true to a lifetime of breaking barriers and new ground.

Rick Allen is one of the most acclaimed drummers in the history of rhythm. His powerful and unique rhythmic voice has profoundly influenced the signature sound of DEF LEPPARD in their rise to become one of the greatest rock bands in history selling more than 100 million albums worldwide. With “Electric Hand: Rhythm + Change”, music and art lovers are witnessing Allen‘s rhythm translated into the medium of visual art.

Allen‘s legacy is rich, one of perseverance both professionally and personally. Following the loss of his left arm in 1984, Allen and DEF LEPPARD forged on together, developing some of their finest material and certainly their most commercially successful releases. Allen, who was already an idol to the music community, also became a leader in the philanthropic world with wife and musician Lauren Monroe. Together, the duo has founded the Raven Drum Foundation with a mission to serve, educate and empower veterans and people in crisis. With a rich legacy of music and humanitarian work, Allen is gearing up for another chapter in his story with his fine art debut, “Electric Hand: Rhythm + Change”.


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