Video: Former TRUST Bassist Talks About 30th Anniversary Of BON SCOTT’s Death

French webmagazine Hard Force has posted the latest episode of “Metal XS”, featuring an interview with former TRUST bassist Yves “Vivi” Brusco (now in HANDFUL OF DUST) about the 33rd anniversary of the tragic death of AC/DC frontman Bon Scott. Just days before Scott‘s death, Vivi was in the studio with the late frontman and they recorded a version of the song “Ride On” (which is the last known recording of Bon Scott). There is also a special video report on the Radio Rock Cruise with STRATOVARIUS in Finland (including an interview with Timo Kotipelto), and the first part of Metal XS‘ interview with Mr. Lordi and Mana from LORDI, who provided some survival tips in the event of a zombie apocalypse.


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