Video: METALLICA Bassist Takes On ‘Orion Music + More’

A new 25-minute MetOnTour recap video from METALLICA‘s sophomore Orion Music + More festival, which took place June 8-9 in Detroit, Michigan, can be seen below. This clip looks back on METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo‘s crazy weekend of playing four live shows in two days. Footage includes “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” and “Whiplash” from the secret METALLICA set under the name DEHAAN, “Monster Skank” from the INFECTIOUS GROOVES reunion show, “Follow The Blood Trail” from the TRUJILLO TRIO, and “Orion” from the main METALLICA set.

According to The Pulse Of Radio, Trujillo said on the ground at the festival that he was eager to bring the show back to Detroit in 2014. “We’ve got to come back here, you know,” he said. “This is a great place. This city needs it. The weekend has been a blast and I can’t wait ’til next year. I’ve already got ideas for next year, so we’re looking forward to it.”

As previously reported, METALLICA played a surprise set on June 8 under the name DEHAAN, playing their entire 1983 debut disc “Kill ‘Em All” from front to back.

The band’s headlining set the following night, which closed out the festival, featured rarities like “Carpe Diem, Baby”, “I Disappear” and “Disposable Heroes” alongside the band’s more traditional hits and live favorites.

The members of METALLICA were also spotted hanging out at their personal lifestyle exhibits, with James Hetfield seen at his custom car display, Trujillo overseeing the skateboarding at the Vans Vert Ramp, and drummer Lars Ulrich premiering a clip from the upcoming movie “Metallica Through The Never” alongside director Nimród Antal.

The Metallica Museum displayed the bass that Cliff Burton played at his final concert before his 1986 death in a Swedish bus crash, as well as other instruments, stage props and vintage concert flyers.

Spokesperson Charlie Walker of promoter C3 Presents said that around 20,000 attended the first day, with possibly more showing up on Sunday. As for whether Orion will return to Detroit next year, he replied, “We’ll go through this one, wrap it up, see what the feedback is . . . Then we’ll sit down and try to get a grip on what to do next.”

A total of 37 groups, including the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, DEFTONES, SILVERSUN PICKUPS, RISE AGAINST and BASSNECTAR, performed on Orion‘s five stages.

THE JOY FORMIDABLE was unable to perform their show after arriving late in Detroit due to travel issues.

James Hetfield personally introduced the SILVERSUN PICKUPS and watched their set from the side of the stage.

Cliff Burton‘s father Ray was in attendance for METALLICA‘s surprise “Kill ‘Em All” performance on Saturday.

Detroit native Bob Seger was rumored to be showing up to sing his classic “Turn The Page” with METALLICA. Although the band played the song, Seger was a no-show.



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