Video: ROB ZOMBIE Honored At ‘New York City Horror Film Festival’

On Friday, November 9, Rob Zombie attended the 10th annual New York City Horror Film Festival, where he received the Michael J. Hein award for “Personal Achievement In Direction.” Video footage of his acceptance speech can now be seen below.



To find out more, go to the New York City Horror Film Festival web site.

Zombie last month released the first official trailer for his upcoming film “The Lords Of Salem”. The horror film, Zombie‘s fifth live-action feature, stars his wife Sheri Moon Zombie as a Massachusetts DJ who discovers that playing a mysterious record somehow activates a curse placed on her town by a coven of witches 300 years ago.

Zombie told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that this is the first time he’s made a movie with explicitly supernatural overtones. “Yeah, the other ones aren’t at all, I don’t think,” he said. “ [House Of 1000] Corpses’ was just this crazy, bloody, you know, ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ thing, and ‘Devil’s Rejects’ was always meant to be sort of like a post-modern Western, and the ‘Halloween’ films, I tried to make them not supernatural on purpose. So yeah, this will be the first one that’s sort of about supernatural things coming back to life. It’s good. I’m excited. It’s gonna be very different than the other films.”

The genuinely creepy trailer offers a barrage of Satanic imagery, including witches burning at the stake, pagan animal masks, bizarre rituals and Sheri Moon Zombie straddling a demonic goat.

The film premiered in September at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it was picked up for distribution by Anchor Bay. The company will release it sometime in early 2013.


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