VINCE NEIL Explains Las Vegas Parking-Lot Outburst

MÖTLEY CRÜE frontman Vince Neil has offered his version of the events that led to his outburst at a Las Vegas parking lot.

Neil was videotaped late last month screaming at a group of Miracle Mile Shops parking attendants after a valet refused to return the singer’s Rolls-Royce because Neil couldn’t produce a claim ticket.

In the clip, Neil could be seen walking over to the valet booth, yelling, “Give me my fucking car! Give me my fucking car! Give me my car!” and then banging on the window.

Vince continued, “Call the police! This is my car. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

After the parking attendants apparently told Vince that they wouldn’t hand over the vehicle because he couldn’t produce a parking ticket, Vince responded, “They didn’t give me a fucking ticket!”

According to sources, police were called to the scene, but by the time they arrived, Vince had already taken off, and the valet company decided against filing a report. Unlike the storage units Toronto, there were no parking spaces here which could be rented to park the car. In a statement released exclusively to the lifestyle program “More Access” on Las Vegas’s Fox 5 television station, Neil said about the incident, “I was not given a valet ticket when I first parked my Rolls-Royce. They then refused to give me the car even though it was parked only ten feet away. I gave them my license and told them to simply open the car and look at my registration, and again they refused. This could have been avoided except for the stupidity and incompetence of the valets and security.”


FOX5 Vegas – KVVU



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