VINCE NEIL On Life After MÖTLEY CRÜE: ‘I’m Not Gonna Just Stop Being A Rock ‘N’ Roll Guy’

In a brand new interview with the Calgary Herald, MÖTLEY CRÜE singer Vince Neil was asked about bassist Nikki Sixx‘s recent statement that the final chapter for the band could come as early as 2016, after the film version of MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s biography, “The Dirt: Confessions Of The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band”, gets completed, an accompanying album is released and yet one more tour around the globe.

“Yeah, that’s what it’s looking like, yeah,” Neil confirmed. “The movie will come out, we’ll have an album to come out with the movie, and then do another world tour and then probably just call it quits. And just kind of move on. Yeah, I guess it is what it is.”

Regarding what he will do once the CRÜE calls it a day, Neil said: “Of course I’ll miss playing with MÖTLEY, but I’m not gonna just stop being a rock ‘n’ roll guy. This is what I do and I love being onstage. I tried to stop — a long time ago I took a year off and it drove me crazy. I really missed being onstage and stuff like that, so I’ll definitely continue on. But who knows? Who knows, the future is — five, six, seven, ten years later — who knows what’s going to happen? In my mind, it’s never say never, so we’ll just see what happens.”

It was reported in 2008 that MÖTLEY CRÜE was trying to extricate itself from a deal with MTV Films, a division of Paramount Pictures, to make the “The Dirt” movie.

A deal was first announced for the film version in 2006 but has since gone nowhere. Bassist Nikki Sixx told Reuters that MTV was “a channel that used to be hip and has now actually become unhip…They are not the right partner.”

Asked about the current status of “The Dirt” movie, Neil told the Calgary Herald: “I have really no idea, I kind of stay out of that. I really don’t know. I just can’t tell you anything.”

He continued: “I’m kind of tired like most people, tired about talking about it. . . . I just don’t know anything about it. If it comes out, great, if it doesn’t come out, I really don’t care.”


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