VINNIE PAUL To Guest On ‘Pawn Stars’

HELLYEAH/ex-PANTERA drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott will appear on an upcoming episode of History channel’s popular “Pawn Stars” show, which follows the staff of a Las Vegas “upper market” pawn store the Gold Silver Pawn Shop. The episode in question will see Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison (pictured below with Vinnie), part owner of Gold Silver Pawn and one of the stars of “Pawn Stars”, buying Vinnie‘s recreational vehicle (RV). An air date for the episode has not yet been announced.

“Pawn Stars” is in its sixth season and receives the highest ratings in the reality TV division.

In a July 2010 interview on Detroit, Michigan’s WRIF 101.1 FM radio station, Vinnie stated about his unusual habit of putting strange personal items up for sale on eBay, “Let me tell you something… If you’re anybody — not just me, but anybody — and you can put an oven that doesn’t work at all on eBay and sign your name on it and sell it for 1200 bucks and somebody will drive from Seattle to Dallas, Texas to get it, that’s pretty cool.

“I found a cell phone that was a Motorola cell phone — back in the day it was the size of a walkie-talkie…

“I’ve got this dude named Videobob that’s kind of always dreaming things up. He goes, ‘Let’s put that thing on eBay.’ I sold that thing for six hundred dollars.

“It’s not about the money — it’s not like I can’t afford to buy my own coffin when it’s time to go, you know, but it’s about the ‘nut’ factor.

“I’ve got something else I’m about to put on there, too. Well, I’ve got two things — I’ve got one barbecue grill I’m about to put on there, and it works just fine — but I’ve also got my 1993 Mitsubishi 3000 [car] I’m gonna put on there. Probably the ‘Blue Book’ [value] on it [is] 700 dollars, but I guarantee you I’m gonna get about 12 grand out of that thing.”

Regarding his previously announced plan to sell his toilets from his newly purchased house in Las Vegas, Vinnie said, “The toilets are definitely going on [eBay].

“When I bought that house in Vegas… That house was built in 1986 and apparently people were smaller back then. I took [the toilets] all out, put them in the garage [and] got new ones, but those are going on eBay. And I will autograph those — there’s three of them — and I guarantee you those will probably go for $1500 to three grand apiece.”

He added, “It just pays for me and [HELLYEAH guitarist] Greg‘s [Tribbett] drinking habits.”