VOICES: ‘Fragmented Illustrations Of Anger’ Video Released

“Fragmented Illustrations Of Anger”, the first video from VOICES, the new black metal project featuring AKERCOCKE/MY DYING BRIDE drummer David Gray alongside AKERCOCKE members Peter Benjamin and Sam Loynes (also of DIMINISHED FIFTH), can be seen below. According to a press release, the clip was “self-produced by the band as a sonic indication and visually astute representation of what [they] are pursuing creatively.” The group adds, “This music video version of ‘Fragmented Illustrations Of Anger’ is the beginnings of our sound that we have been expanding and perfecting upon through constant rehearsal at the Goat Of Mendes studios with a burgeoning relentless drive to play horrifically weird black metal music. We are also currently midway through the recording of our first album that we hope will rear its ugly head before too long. We are also gearing up and preparing for our first set of U.K. dates in the early months of next year. Thus far we have confirmed a hometown London date at the infamous Intrepid Fox playing with our peers and brothers in madness TED MAULon the 18th February.”

VOICES previously stated about its musical direction, “VOICES, albeit an entirely different and fresh musical outfit, share AKERCOCKE‘s experimental approach and mash-up of extreme metal styles. All songs are born out of extensive improvisation and therefore are more about vibe rather than meticulous structuring. It’s here that we feel our sound is becoming unique, reflecting the moods and atmospheres of the rehearsal space on that specific day.”