VOICES: New Song Available For Streaming

“This Too Shall Pass”, a new song from VOICES, the new black metal project featuring AKERCOCKE/MY DYING BRIDE drummer David Gray alongside AKERCOCKE members Peter Benjamin and Sam Loynes (also of DIMINISHED FIFTH), can be streamed in the SoundCloud player below.

Commented the band: “We are happy to share an exclusive pre-mastered and pre-released version of a song featured on the upcoming VOICES album. Through working with various mastermind producers from London town, we feel we are reaching a unique studio sound. We refused the overly perfectionist production mentalities, which rightly works with many other current metal bands, and instead chose to embrace an authentically ‘live’ sound for the album whilst still building both the musical and atmospheric layers of the songs in a way that will pay dividends to our intended sonic visions. ‘This Too Shall Pass’ is an example of what to expect from this album.”

VOICES previously stated about its musical direction, “VOICES, albeit an entirely different and fresh musical outfit, share AKERCOCKE‘s experimental approach and mash-up of extreme metal styles. All songs are born out of extensive improvisation and therefore are more about vibe rather than meticulous structuring. It’s here that we feel our sound is becoming unique, reflecting the moods and atmospheres of the rehearsal space on that specific day.”



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