VOICES, the new U.K. black metal project featuring AKERCOCKE/MY DYING BRIDE drummer David Gray alongside AKERCOCKE members Peter Benjamin and Sam Loynes (also of DIMINISHED FIFTH), has inked a deal with Candlelight Records. The band’s forthcoming debut album, “Voices From The Human Forest Create A Fugue Of Imaginary Rain”, was recorded at Legacy Studios, located in the heart of the historic Old Street in central London.

VOICES were formed in London in 2011 as a new experiment from Benjamin, Gray and Loynes, also joined by London producer Dan Abela of Legacy Studios. The mission is to create a deep brand of cold and confronting music, part hypnotic yet often disturbing, focusing from an avant-garde take upon black metal, whilst always striving to explore a wide musical spectrum.

As the band state: “We have some immense plans for future creativity, ruling out no potential musical style or influence. We hope to never be bound by convention and thus remaining truly extreme through this unique and open-minded disposition.”

Setting out head-first into new and daring terrain from the notorious past musical outfits, VOICES promises an extraordinary ride using the albums 55 minutes of playing time as a vessel by which our negative journey into the human forest can be witnessed. Expect moments of intense brutality, frenzied 360bpm blasts beats conjoined with crippling caveman guitars juxtaposed with subliminal dissonance. Vocals that articulate the insanity of despair, contrasted with ethereal glimpses of melancholic beauty through bold and layered singing. Destructive yet fragile, VOICES resonate a new direction and individual take upon the often constrained arena of extreme metal. Lyrically the debut album deals in themes spawned from being truly outside of conventional points of view and a certain disconnect with any form of human emotions. The self-destructive streak within us, in turn drives us and all these torturous burdens have created this first set of intense and uncompromising songs.

Commented the band: “We are excited to be working with the legendary Candlelight Records. It’s a greatly profound occasion for us to be sharing a label alongside some of our own and long-serving musical influences. Each member of the band has been listening to Candlelight artists for years and has great appreciation and respect of the label’s direction and continuing legacy. From here, we hope to spread our message throughout the world via the mighty platform provided by Candlelight Records. And therefore we now have some colossal ventures and goals on the horizon… Expect VOICES to always bring deeply innovative and unusual extreme metal infiltrated by the strain of London life, pushing this sound into the forefront of the global metal world.”



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