VOIVOD Drummer Says New Songs Are Reminiscent Of ‘Dimension Hatross’ Era

Greg Pratt of Exclaim.ca recently conducted an interview with drummer Michel “Away” Langevin of Canadian metal innovators VOIVOD. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

On the new VOIVOD live album, “Warriors Of Ice”, featuring three-fourths of the band’s classic lineup — Langevin, bassist Jean-Yves “Blacky” Thériault and vocalist Denis “Snake” Bélanger — along with new guitarist Daniel Mongrain:

“I feel like it’s an achievement because there was a point where we weren’t sure if there was going to be a new VOIVOD album. It’s not a studio album but still something we’re very proud of. It’s good vintage VOIVOD. . . There was never really a live album with Snake and Blacky since the one before was us as a trio with [ex-bassist/vocalist] Eric Forrest. So, yeah, it’s refreshing to have an album with almost the original lineup involved.”

On upcoming VOIVOD releases:

“There are no professional [unreleased] recordings in the vaults [with late VOIVOD guitarist Denis “Piggy” D’Amour], but we are re-releasing a few albums in the upcoming months with bonus live material from the ’80s.”

On VOIVOD‘s forthcoming studio album, the first without the contributions of Piggy:

“We have four songs completed and about five other ones in progress and it’s more in the progressive metal vein, so it’s reminiscent of the ‘Dimension Hatross’ era. We hope to record in the fall and have a new album out in the spring of 2012, so before the end of the world.”

On saying goodbye to Piggy in the form of the new live album:

“Of course it’s mainly on the road when we play songs that we feel Piggy‘s presence hovering above us. The goal of the live album was to pay tribute to him in the first place. He will always be there with us.”

Read the entire article at Exclaim.ca.

Video footage of VOIVOD performing a new song, “Kaleidos”, on April 15, 2011 at Roadburn festival in Tilburg, Holland can be viewed below.