VOLBEAT: Pro-Shot Footage Of Entire WACKEN OPEN AIR Performance

Professionally filmed video footage of VOLBEAT‘s entire performance at this year’s Wacken Open Air festival, which took place August 2-4 in Wacken, Germany can be seen below.

With VOLBEAT‘s latest North American tour finished, the band is probably starting to think about its next album. Drummer Jon Larsen told The Pulse Of Radio what the Danish rockers’ plans are for the rest of 2012. “I think we’re gonna go to the rehearsal room and hide out for a few months, try to come up with some new stuff. And if everything goes to plan, we’ll go in the studio later this year to record a new album.”

Frontman Michael Poulsen told Loudwire that new music is already in the works, saying, “Some material has been written on the road and some has been written at home. We will be home in a couple of days then it’s up to me to put all the pieces together and then we will enter the studio probably late this year, maybe early next year, but there will definitely be a new VOLBEAT record out, I believe around early April or something like that.”

Poulsen added about the new material, “It’s the VOLBEAT style, and again there’s going to be a lot of great surprises, so I can’t wait to get home to put all the pieces together.”

VOLBEAT broke through on the American market last year with its fourth album, 2010’s “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven”. All four of the band’s CDs have gone gold in its native Denmark.

The record yielded the Top 10 rock radio tracks “Fallen”, “A Warrior’s Call” and current single “Still Counting”.



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