WACHENFELDT Featuring ENTOMBED Bassist: ‘Colophon’ EP Completed

WACHENFELDT, the four-piece band from the province of Helsingland, Sweden which features in its ranks bassist Victor Brandt (TOTALT JÄVLA MÖRKER, ENTOMBED, SATYRICON), has completed work on a new EP of “black-stained-gloomy-death metal,” produced at Studio Soulless by GRAVE frontman Ola Lindgren. Due to be released within the next weeks, “Colophon” will feature four tracks whose lyrics feature the immortal words of Aleister Crowley (“Colophon” and “Hymn To Lucifer”), Charles Baudelaire (“Litany To Satan”) and E.A. Poe (“The Valley Of Unrest”) along with two instrumental compositions based on “The Pentagram” (Aleister Crowley) and “Le Chat” (Charles Baudelaire).

Check out audio samples at Grave.se.

Originally formed by composer Thomas von Wachenfeldt (a successful violin player both in classical music and traditional Scandinavian and Celtic music who toured the world both as an artist and pedagogue), WACHENFELDT‘s current lineup is rounded out by Martin Björklund (former Thomas student and brilliant guitar player) and drummer Jon Skäre (from death metal pioneers OOF EXPAIN and Icelandic band SIGN)